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Electrolysis - Hair Removal that is Permanent


Caldwell Place Clinic - Electrolysis specializing in Hair Removal that is Permanent. Electrolysis is gender, age, skin and hair color friendly. All hair types ... Straight, curly, course, thin, blond, white, grey, light or dark can have  hair removal be a permanent solution. The Only Removal of Hair considered Permanent by the FDA.

We are dedicated to providing the excellent service and caring approach that gives you the smooth, beautiful skin you desire. I know how important it is for you to look and feel your best.

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Electrolysis After Care is so important. After Care will help protect the treatment area from harmful bacteria. The use of, Polysporin cream, Calamine lotion, witch hazel mixed with 70% alcohol , antibiotic cream and products containing Salicylic Acid will help enhance the healing process.

Our Philosophy


Electrolysis can be a life changing event. Electrolysis can increase your self-confidence, perfect your look and deepen your self-satisfactionI am very passionate about my profession and what it will mean for you. I believe it is a leap of faith when you begin your Electrolysis treatments. Unless you have had someone very close to you, your Mother, Sister and watched as they progress through the treatment process you only have me and my experience to reassure you for the first while. There comes a point when you start to see the results, that point is different for everyone as many factures influence this. Individuals actively seek Electrolysis for many reasons.


Unwanted hair growth on certain parts of our body can develop into an adverse perception of body image, affecting our self esteem, self confidence and our need for socialization.



“Shawna makes you feel so comfortable.  Shawna put me at ease.  I only wish I had met her sooner.”

-Madeline Repchull


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Water bubbles

Keeping hydrated is extremely important for permanent hair removal