Healthy Skin

Facial hair and acne tend to go hand in hand.  Healthy skin, facial hair and acne can improve with a consistent daily skin care routine.You will alleviate some of the side affects that each condition cause.

Dead skin can block the hair follicle, this will cause the hair to turn back down or sideways and continue to grow. This, will usually cause the hair at some point to fester and appear inflamed and infected.

Ingrown facial hairs are extremely common with people who have curly hair or who have been tweezing, waxing and shaving. Healthy skin, facial hair and acne can be addressed with good skin care routines. When ingrown hairs affect the body area it is beneficial to soak in Salt water bath.

Perhaps the most important cleansing is at bedtime. If you wear glasses think of how dirty they get during the day now you know how much grime is on your face!

Begin your Electrolysis treatments with your skin in the best condition possible. We can help you with this if you wish.

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize & Protect!
PCOS caused hair gowth waxing has caused red inflamed skin with ingrown hairs and pustuals
  • Cleanse - removes the daily grime that accumulates.

  • Exfoliate- removes the dead skin cells that will hinder the hairs coming

  • through the skin and causes them to become ingrown.

  • Moisturize - by moisturizing you are helping the skin to stay smooth, moist

  • and subtle.

  • Protect - from Sun damage that can cause permanent scarring and

  • some forms of skin cancer.


Healthy skin includes the Decollete (Neck and Cleavage).Perhaps the most forgotten area. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect.The neck and cleavage are most often not included in our daily skin care regime. Know as the Decollete. This area needs the same care given to our face using the same products and don't forget the sides and back of the neck. Anti-aging products containing Retinol, antioxidants such as vitamin A, C and E these items should be found in your daily Skin Care Products. Of course the best protection should always be from products containing an SPF of 3o or higher. Establishing early on in life, a skin care routine is every bit as important to your perception of body image, self esteem and self confidence. If you would like to see your healthy skin, facial hair and acne improve contact us for an Assessment.