Home Care Instructions for Electrolysis Patients

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After your electrolysis treatment, there are some steps you need to follow to keep your skin healthy and irritation-free. Caldwell Place Clinic has compiled a list of home care rules to follow below. If you have any questions about our home care instructions or would like additional information on electrolysis, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do shave exactly 3 days before treatment and do not shave again. So treatment plans will be different.

  • Do Keep well hydrated beginning a couple days before your appointment and after.

  • Do’s -Applying a cold compress, a few ice cubes in a baggie, wrapped in a wet cloth to the treated area immediately following treatment as a foreign object has just irritated it and the heat opens the follicle making it more susceptible to bacteria.

  • Do’s - Cleanse with 70% alcohol or extra-strength Sea Breeze 5 to 10 times daily,

  • Do’s - Apply Polysporin cream or Calamine lotion at bedtime and/or before applying makeup.

  • Do’s - Refrain from using soaps, creams, cleansers, and makeup on the area for 24 to 48 hours.

  • Do’s - If an area becomes inflamed, pustules, or has ingrown hairs, soak in warm bath with 1 to 2 cups of regular table salt for 20 minutes.

  • Do’s - Wear loose clothing if having bodywork done.

  • Do’s - Cleanse, moisturize and sunscreen daily beginning 24 hrs after treatment, exfoliate often between treatmenst beginning after 72 hrs. This removes any dry skin that may hinder growth that will cause ingrown hairs.


Everything used in the electrolysis treatment you have received was thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. Please help your skin to heal by keeping your hands off the treated area. Thank you for your cooperation in these matters.


  • Don’ts - pluck, tweeze, wax or epilady once your electrolysis treatments have begun.

  • Don’ts - scratch, pick, and exfoliate treatment areas for 72 hrs after.

  • Don’ts - use skin care or cosmetics on the treatment area for 24 hours.

  • Don’ts - no scrubs or masks for 48 to 72 hours.

  • Don’ts - touch the treated area, hands carry many germs and harmful bacteria, which may cause pustules.

  • Don’ts - absolutely no sun exposure or sunbeds on treated areas for 72 hours, before and after treatment.

  • Don’ts - shave or bleach the treatment area for 72 hours, this can cause irritation or a chemical burn.

  • Don’ts - use deodorant for 24 hours after treatment of underarm area.